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Floor Sanding in Atlanta

Sanding the floor surface is an important process in giving your floor a fresh look. Unpleasant marks, tears, bulges, and other hardwood floor damages can be repaired by sanding the floor to provide a new protective coating. Floor workers remove the upper exterior of your wooden floor using coarse-grained removal tools. Floor sanding is a tedious job, but with the help of professional floor sanders in GA, they can accomplish this task without difficulty. Floor sanding requires three stages to complete. First is the preparation, and then you can proceed with the sanding process, and lastly is the application of a protective coating.

How to Prepare your Home for Floor Sanding?

Sanding hardwood floors requires preparation before proceeding to the main task. The home builders must complete all the major construction works such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical, glazing, and other construction works before proceeding with the floor sanding. Check out this preparation checklist.
  • Clear out the Area It would be best if you emptied the working area by removing any objects within the range of sight to not caused any disturbances. Remove hanging decorations on the wall and furniture. In the bathroom, it is advisable to move your cabinet or remove the clothes in the closet is also advisable. Just make sure the area should be empty for more efficient floor sanding works.
  • Tear the Old Floor Tearing your existing floor is advisable if the plan is to install a new hardwood floor. If your old floor is carpet flooring, make sure to remove all the nails, tacks, and paddings. Be careful when removing deep-rooted staples and nails. Use a pry bar when removing to prevent damages to the floor.
  • Protect your Family, House, Neighbors, and Pets Floor sanding can be noisy due to the usage of machines. It is advisable that you inform your neighbor ahead of time if you live in a close-knit residential area about possible construction noises. Also, floor sanding may cause terrible dusting. Protect your house and family by using a dustless containment machine. Keep your pet away from the working area.

Types of Floor Sanders

Choosing the right floor sander for your floor project is one factor in achieving a positive and satisfactory floor sanding result. There is a corresponding floor sander tool for different floor types. Being able to use the suitable will likey to give a more satisfying and effective result. To determine what floor sander compliments your floor surface, know the different types of floor sanders.
  1. 1. Heavy Duty Sander

    For a concentrated type of work, the drum sander is the most applicable type because it is built for heavy-duty sanding processes. Huge abrasive sandpaper is fit to a rotating drum and is used to remove stains, untouched wood, and other heavy works. Be careful when using this tool as it can incur heavy damage to the floor if not taken care of properly.

  2. 2. Smoothing Sanders

    It is also known as the orbital sander and is mostly used for finishing touches. Its main job is to smoothen the floor using a vibrating sanding pad. Since it does very light finishing works, it does not pose any threat to your floor.

  3. 3. Edge Sanders

    Contrary to the other sanders, Edge sander is relatively smaller in size and can be handheld. The purpose of the small size is to fit the edges or corners of the floor without so many difficulties. Although it is small in size, the edge sander can cause gouges and marks in the wood if not handled properly.

  4. 4. Belt Sanders

    It can be both handhelds or mounted sanders. It is very powerful, and it is designed to strip wood quickly. Belt sanders work well with round surfaces and metals.

  5. 5. Sander Vacuum

    All the floor sanders are equipped with a dust collecting bag; however, not everything can be collected. With a sander vacuum, the remaining dust will be vacuumed and will also clean the floor surface.

Floor Sanding Atlanta

Floor Sanding in Atlanta

If you are around Atlanta and planning for refinishing works, you can call professional home builders to fix your problem. If you are looking for appropriate tools for floor sanding, you can visit our website or call our personnel for more detailed information.