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What is Carpet Flooring?

Carpet is a popular material use for flooring in many parts of the house because it is warm and comfortable to step on. The carpet was originally made from wool, but wool has become valuable in price as time goes by. Many manufacturers turn to synthetic fibers like nylon and polypropylene, which are significantly more affordable than wool. The carpet fibers are woven together and are adhered to a sturdy support. Carpet flooring has many styles, designs, and patterns to choose from.

The Pros of Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring is often used for many occasions because of the benefits that it offers to many homeowners. This list of the advantages of the carpet flooring might help you decide.
  • Provides Comfortability

    Carpet flooring has a cushioned surface, which provides comfortability when you step in. The fiber materials are soft and warm, perfect for flooring surfaces that often get cold due to the weather.

  • Reduces Noise

    Since the carpet is soft, it can minimize the noise created when you are walking by absorbing it. That is why carpet flooring is often used in theaters, viewing rooms, or any rooms that require loud blasting of sound. Carpet flooring is an advantage for these types of situations.

  • Ensure Safety

    Carpet works well with houses or areas that have delicate and fragile objects. It is also an ideal choice for houses with small children, people with special needs, and pets because the cushioned surface of the carpet minimizes the impact in case of unfortunate falls or slips. Their feet will also feel much more comfortable as it is warm and soft.

  • Easy Installation

    One of the easiest and most affordable flooring to install is the carpet because it does not require heavy-duty tools to do it. However, if you are not familiar with the installation process or perhaps your tight schedule forbids you to do so, you can always floor installers to complete the job for you.


The Cons of Carpet Flooring

With the advantages come the drawbacks of opting for carpet flooring.
  • Requires Strict Maintenance

    Regular vacuuming is required with carpet flooring because dirt has the tendency to be stuck in between the woven fibers. The only effective way to totally remove this is a thorough and deep cleaning process.

  • Life Span

    The materials used for the carpet flooring are likely to have a shorter life span. Carpet flooring is susceptible to wear and tear as time goes by.

  • Limited to Specific Area

    Wool and other synthetic fibers used for carpets are not susceptible to high traffic flow areas and often get wet. So carpet flooring is not applicable to be used in the kitchen and the bathroom.


Three Types of Carpet Installation

Installing carpet for flooring surfaces is quite manageable. Flooring experts offer three different ways of carpet installation. Check them out here.
  1. 1. Direct Glue Down Installation

    This installation process requires sticking the carpet to the floor using glue. Before placing the carpet on the floor with glue, ensure that the surface area is flattened evenly and has to be smooth for the carpet to stick effectively. Bumps and holes can be spotted easily if floor damages like these are not fixed before the carpet installation.

  2. 2. Double Glue Down Installation

    A compressed pad is first laid and glued on the floor surface, and then the carpet will be directly pasted to the pad hence the name Double Glue. The densified pad gives additional insulation and will make the carpet flooring more durable and comfortable.

  3. 3. Stretch in Installation

    The carpet floor is nailed down on the floors on its edges. Wood frames with nails are placed at the corners. The edges of the carpet are attached to these nails in a spread-out manner. It is perhaps the most effortless installation process for carpet flooring; however, this is not recommended for areas that have rolling traffic.

Carpet Installation Atlanta

Carpet Installation Atlanta

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