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The Best Bathroom Floorings

When it comes to installing a new bathroom floor, you have several options to choose from, unlike the flooring choices in a living room or bedroom, which are a little more straightforward. The most common type of flooring for the bathroom is the tiles due to their ability to resist water and beauty. There are also other materials that you may consider perfect for your bathroom.
  1. 1. Ceramic Tile Compared to natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles are more affordable and exceptionally water-resistant. They are versatile in that they come in various shapes and colors. However, they are slippery and can get a little cold.
  2. 2. Glass Mosaic Tile Glass mosaic tiles are commonly used as a shower floor tile in Atlanta, and any homeowners use them as a backsplash in their kitchen. They can also be used as bathroom flooring. However, you have you clean them regularly because they get dull if dirt or debris scuffs them, and they are susceptible to scratching.
  3. 3. Stone Tile Natural stone tiles, such as marble or granite, have a natural resistance to water, making them an excellent tile for bathroom in Atlanta. However, they are quite costly, and they get cold and slippery. To prevent the floor tile from getting cold and slipper, radiant heating and well-placed floor mats are necessary.
  4. 4. Concrete Concrete is an ideal choice for bathroom flooring in Atlanta due to its durability. Water cannot easily damage the concrete floor, and it works well with radiant heating to keep your toes warm.
  5. 5. Vinyl Plank Aside from waterproof and durability, vinyl plank offers incredible versatility as it can mimic hardwood and ceramic. Compared to tilework, it is more affordable, and it does not get as cold or slippery. It is available in sheets and tiles.
  6. 6. Cork Cork may not be the best material for a damp space like a bathroom due to its porous surface. However, it will work if you finish it with a water-resistant coating, and it can ensure that the cork will have a long life-span. Cork is an eco-friendly material, and it offers comfort and sustainability.
  7. 7. Engineered Hardwood The hardwood floor is not the best option for bathroom flooring as it is very susceptible to water damage. It expands and contracts, so it swells and buckles in a humid environment like the bathroom. But if you want to have a hardwood floor in your bathroom, engineered hardwood is a good option. It places a thin layer of actual wood over plywood to provide extra durability.
  8. 8. Laminate Laminate flooring is an excellent alternative to actual hardwood for bathroom flooring because of its highly water-resistant top coating. It is made from layers of resins and fiberboard. It is available in different patterns and can mimic hardwood and tile.
  9. 9. Linoleum Linoleum can be a good option for bathroom flooring as it has antimicrobial elements that prevent mold growth and mildew expected in bathrooms.
  10. 10. Engineered Bamboo Bamboo is not the most durable material in wet, humid environments like the bathroom; however, there a way it can be water-resistant. Engineered bamboo is more moisture-resistant than solid bamboo planks due to the wear layer and the waterproofing on the planks’ bottoms. Remember that you have to wipe up spills quickly and avoid any standing water on the floors.
Bathroom Flooring Atlanta GA

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